They say that men don’t care and have nothing to do with emotions, but the blue eyed, Blake Shelton literally broke the stereotypes of masculinity, post his divorce with Miranda Lambert.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
blake shelton and gwen stefani

Interestingly, Blake has been lucky enough to enjoy a successful career throughout; however, his personal life has been full of twists and turns from the very start.

From losing some of the closest relations to death, to separating from someone he loved wholeheartedly, his fate tested his patience in a countless of ways.


Blake is a tall, fair, handsome hunk who is a singer by profession.

He has been ranked in the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 2017, owing to his good looks and killer physique. 

Blake Shelton weight loss results
Blake Shelton before and after

While many believe that Blake has worked day and night for a physique like this, the actual story is completely different. The singer, who was once overweight, turned quite slim immediately after his divorce.

As per the 41 years old, his weight loss has no secret as it was as shocking and unexpected for him as it was for his fans.

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Blake believes that his divorce from Miranda Lambert was a very traumatizing event, which left him depressed for a very long time. It was because of stress his body went into a starvation phase and resulted in a significant reduction of weight.

Hence, a painful experience turned out to be something advantageous for him.

While this may sound useful, that is, losing weight out of starvation, the idea is just not good from the health perspective.

It is important to note that people who reduce their caloric intake to a level that is generally needed for the healthy functioning of body, put their body at risk. By this, they tend to lose weight for a while; but the aftermaths are actually scarier.

However, the lost weight is never guaranteed to be led by fat loss, at times, in fact, most of the times, the provocation is led by the reduction in water weight, or worst, muscle loss.

Coming back onto Blake Shelton weight loss, the singer managed to reduce all his unhealthy weight due to non-consumption of food at all.

According to him, he literally starved himself but is way happier for the results it led to. Want to check the results yourself, click on to the Blake Shelton before and after photos for the evidence!


Age: 41 years.
Height: 1.96m (6.4inches)
Weight loss: 45lbs.
Current weight: 75kgs.

It is quite interesting to see that not only Blake, but Miranda too, dropped a whopping amount of weight post the separation. But unlike her x-husband, Miranda has invested time and effort to look this gorgeous.

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She followed portion controlled and hence, kept a very closer eye on her eating habits. In addition to this, she also headed to gym for circuit-training and pursed a complete, healthy lifestyle.


No doubt, weight loss and a slimmer body may come as an unplanned surprise for Blake, however, he no longer starves himself and ensures that he eats well.

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weight management with Blake Shelton
gwen stefani and blake shelton

Talking about the past, Blake revealed that he just can’t believe how and why he survived without food. As of today, he cannot think of following the method that made him be this slimmer.

Gwen Stefani: I Think About Marrying Blake Shelton “All the Time”

Of course, he is happy to look this smart, yet, he does not support and talk in favor of self-starvation.

The 6 feet 4 inches tall handsome hunk believes that the weight he has today is perfect and he needs no further cutting. We too, believe that a tall, brawny man of his age, has a perfect body weight at the moment.

According to Blake, his transformation was a surprise but his weight management is planned and intended. Blake, despite indulging occasionally, takes healthy food today.

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He has greatly reduced his carb consumption and has restricted himself from anything that supplies an abundance of fats to his body.

The singer now focuses on protein, fiber and healthy fats. So, we may say that Blake Shelton diet helps him stay this dashing and desiring for women! See Phenq customer reviews and testimonials.

As far as Blake Shelton workout is concerned, he has become very much habitual of the treadmill which he ensures to be regular at.


At times, despite the continuous struggle, people fail to achieve their fitness targets and in some cases like Blake Shelton’s, people tend to enjoy the fruit without taking any effort or facing repercussions in the end. Well, after all, it is the luck that matters!

Express your love and best wishes to the sexy chap on his Twitter and Instagram account, as for him, love is in the air through a new face, Gwen Stefani!

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